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Share your thoughts about your Disney Cruise....

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  • Share your thoughts about your Disney Cruise....

    Share your thoughts about your Disney Cruise.........

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    We've done two Disney cruises. The second one was the BOGP cruise 1.0. It's a much better experience with a group, especially the dining. It was uncomfortable eating dinner with strangers.

    Castaway Cay is worth the price of the cruise, especially if you get a double-dip, like we did last time.

    Looking forward to 2.0!

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      Okay- 10 days removed from our first Disney Cruise, and my girls are already plotting the next one, so here goes while it is all fresh:

      Security and Boarding was smooth- we had a 12:00 terminal time, but I have heard if you show up early you can get in so we might do that next time just to get more time on ship. We got on around 12:30, and decided to head up to Cabanas for the lunch buffet since we did not have access to our rooms until 1:30. Very nice buffet- something for everyone. Part of me wishes we had changed and done a couple runs on the aquaduck, but another part was very happy to just sit down and relax and have a leisurely lunch (with more than 1 trip to the seafood buffet). We then went to our rooms, and the girls went for a quick swim and I think they got on the aqua duck a couple times- it was a little cool so the adults just sat in the lounge chairs. We debated doing the ship tour to get familiar, but decided we were just fine relaxing where we were.

      Both families had Staterooms with the overszed seat porthole. I like the idea of a veranda, but for the little time we were in the cabins I was glad to have the extra space in the rom at a cheaper cost than the veranda woould have been. We had enough space for the 4 of us.

      We enjoyed each of the 3 shows- even our youngest decided the villains tonight show was not too scary. We love the live shows at DisneyWorld and these did not disappoint.

      Dinners were awesome- I loved the rotational dining. We did not do Palo or Remy, but we did peek in our first day on to look at them. If we were traveling for a special event, I might consider a dinner at one, but the others were very nice and I would rather save that money for souveniers, etc.

      The prepaid tipping was very easy. The envelopes and paper statements to present the staff was a great way to handle the whole process.

      Our day at Nassau we knew we were not doing any special shore excursions. We walked to the straw market and around town. I was a little bugged by all the taxi and tour people coming up and not stopping when we said we were not interested. After buying a couple t-shirts for the girls and some misc. souveniers, (and after several offers to sell us some local grown herbs Really? Right in the middle of the market, while we are walking with our families?), we decided to head back to the ship. It seemed like this was a popular choice by many, as the ship was not nearly as empty as we had hoped it would be. Still, we went up to have lunch and out to the pool again- and the girls stood the 30-45 minutes for a few rides of the aquaduck.

      Our Castaway Cay day we had rented the tubes- but did not use them much as the water was pretty cool. We also did not do the 5k (my youngest and I were going to walk it, but that morning she decided sleep was more important than getting the medal!) We walked down to see the island on our way to the beach, and did the Pelican Plunge a few times. Then, 2 of the girls went to play volleyball, so I went to check on them and get some ice cream. Well, after about 90 minutes of playing volleyball I decided I really needed lunch. We loved the buffet- a lot more than what we expected. And yes, I finally got my ice cream.

      We decided to head back to the ship and check out the Aquaduck line, and see the early show (last day has a 4:00 show as well as the usual 6:15 and 8:15 shows). This was an awesome plan, as we had the ride almost to ourselves- We all did about 10 rides in a pretty short time frame. By doing the early show, we were able to get packed and the girls did the crew member pin trading in the lobby while we finished packing, did the picture stuff at Shutters, etc. It was kind of wierd packing up and putting the suitcases out in the hallway, knowing we still had that evening and night before leaving. Next time we will know to bring an extra carryon bag to help- we stuffed what we could into a couple of the carryons we had.

      Pirates night was fun too- although none of use dressed up it was still fun, and the fireworks were a pretty cool thing to see while out to sea.

      For our last morning we were glad we had the second dinner sitting- this made us the second breakfast for leaving, so we got a little extra sleep time.

      All in all, It was a great time for both our families- and like I said- we are planning to go again- hopefully in 2015.
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        Originally posted by strosfan View Post
        We've done two Disney cruises. The second one was the BOGP cruise 1.0. It's a much better experience with a group, especially the dining. It was uncomfortable eating dinner with strangers.

        Castaway Cay is worth the price of the cruise, especially if you get a double-dip, like we did last time.

        Looking forward to 2.0!
        I agree Jimmie! I had so much fun last cruise because we were together as a group. Yes, it is fun to go as just a family, but when you can go as a LARGE "family" and have friends that you run into constantly, that is even better!
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          My only Disney Cruise was in August 2004 on the Wonder, so this is outdated but...
          We (me-then 14; my younger sister/brother; and mom/dad) did a 4 night cruise as part of a Land and Sea Package; we stayed at the Polynesian for the Land part.
          Restaurants: Animator's Pallate was my favorite. We ate here on both our first and last night, but the second time was just a generic dinner (no animation ). I ordered grilled chicken both nights there (fancy, no)and had Baked Alaska for dessert. We ate at Parrot Cay on the second night; the banana bread was great and I had grilled chicken again (sense a theme here ). I did order some kind of pasta dish at Triton's on the third night though
          I think I ate at Pinocchio's Pizza a few times too
          Shows In the Walt Disney Theatre, I took in The Golden Mickey's and one other show (forget what it was). I think I was a bit dissapointed in The Golden Mickey's for some reason but don't remember why.
          In the Buena Vista Theatre my dad and I saw Hidalgo, the Touchstone movie about the horse in the desert.
          I also took my brother to Studio Sea to watch "Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer." I was hoping my number would get called to answer questions/ win a prize (think it was a pin or something...) but alas, I didn't make the hot seat. Still fun though
          Ports We got off at Nassau and took a carriage ride. I think my siblings and I were a bit freaked out by the local's perseverance at getting us to buy things to enjoy it. On Castaway Cay, we dipped in the water, ate some food at Cookie's Barberque and went back on the ship; nothing too exciting. If I went back now, I think I would take in the island a bit more
          Pools I had a strange inkling to go down the slide into the Mickey Pool. Anyway, the lifeguard measured me and I was just short enough. I slid down and crashed into a young boy (probably about 8 years younger than me) at the bottom. Apparently, the life guard hadn't realized he wasn't off yet-oops. I got away from there in a hurry [hammer head]
          This was the first vacation my parents let me go off by myself (on the ship, not the ports), so I remember enjoying that! All in all, it was atrip I'll never forget


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            We just returned from a 3 night cruise out of Miami on the Magic with one day at sea and one day at Castaway Cay. We're returning next January for a 7 night to Tortola/St. Thomas since we had so much fun and deemed it too short. A few observations:

            Restaurants: we really enjoyed our rotational dining and did not do Palo since we had set aside dinner as the place/time to catch up with our kids who were often doing kid things around the ship through the day. Our serving team was phenomenal! We were with another family but they didn't really care to interact with anyone outside their group, so our server had us at 2 tables close to each other but not technically one table at the other dinners. Loved it all!

            Shows: we only did Tangled. The 3 shows offered on the Magic are very girl focused and I have tween boys. They think Tangled is funny so they joined me for that one, but none of us were really up for Cinderella, etc. so we just enjoyed other things the other 2 nights. That said, Tangled was Great!

            Adult stuff: we loved the trivia events, the emcee for those was hysterical! We won a movie quote contest and got a nice leatherbound blank book each. We also played Who wants to be a Mouseketeer and I got called up on stage (and won!) I got a fun Disney Cruise Winner medal and limited edition Pin only available to winners.

            Tween Stuff: We were really really disappointed in the Tween club. On the plus side, my boys really liked a Brains vs. Brawns competition and ended up meeting two similarly aged brothers who they then hung out with for most of the cruise... so it was effective to allow the boys some autonomy and some ability to meet friends their age. The downside? The staff is very girl-centric and my boys did not feel welcome at all. In particular, they found that boys pretty much are not allowed to play video games if girls want to play Just Dance. On one trip to Edge they were in the middle of loading their Mario Kart game (ie had not even gotten to play yet, so had not been playing too long and kicked off due to that) and the counselor came over and said they needed to do something else because 2 girls wanted to play Just Dance. The next time they asked if they could play Mario Kart thinking that they hadn't followed some unknown rule and that's why they were kicked off and were told no, because they weren't doing games right now...however about 2-3 minutes later they loaded Just Dance for 2 girls. The last straw for my boys was when they were playing a game with 60 seconds to go and the boys next to them were finishing a Madden game with less than a minute to go and they were told they were turning off screens for Magical Chairs. The boys asked if they could finish their games out and the answer was just the counselors turning off the TVs. The girls next to them were however allowed to finish out, you guessed it, their round on Just Dance. (forgetting for a moment that they are making Tweens stop playing games to do Musical Chairs, which is a pretty young game to play with Tweens). The boys had been returning hoping that it would get better but after they met the 2 brother friends, they pretty much stopped going to Edge because it was pretty apparent that it was pretty much a girl spot or at least pretty biased against boys. I'm hoping their experience is much better on the Fantasy next year. Their frustration almost kept my husband from wanting to book again. I love that they have this space and the space was functional for bringing tweens together, but I do wish they'd either hire some male counselors or ensure there isn't such a female bias. On the plus side, if you have girls who love Just Dance, they will probably be here all of the time.

            Castaway Cay was our only stop. My 12 year old rand the 5K and loved it, he said it was quite hot but was happy to come in 2nd there. My husband and I rode bikes and my sons played soccer with their new friends. We all loved the lunch on the island. Top notch!

            All in all, we really loved the cruise. We did dress up like pirates, but had trouble seeing any of the pirate party as all of the spaces were taken before our dinner ended, which was fine. We could see the fireworks fine from where we were. We also loved doing Cabanas lunches on the back deck of the ship! We are excited for our next cruise less than a year from now (and over New Years') and are planning to do the Alaska cruise in 2019.
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