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What are your Favorite Disney Resorts?

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  • What are your Favorite Disney Resorts?

    What are your Favorite Disney Resorts to stay at and to just visit?

    Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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    Originally posted by Jackie View Post

    What are your Favorite Disney Resorts to stay at and to just visit?

    The only ones we've repeated are Animal Kingdom Lodge & Pop Century. Those are at the top of our list. Of the remaining, I'd put Coronado Springs at the top.

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      I love staying at the lodge and love visitng poly


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        I have four favorite deluxe Resorts, to stay at, and love each one of them.

        Remember I only use WDW transportation while at the World so that might influence at choices somewhat, but I doubt it.

        Animal Kingdom Lodge! ( Jambo House)

        I just love the atmoshere and feel so completely at home here.
        The greenery in the whole pool area and beyond is beautiful.
        Love the outdoor seating area for Mara.
        The music in the background all the time!
        Not to mention the animals. Seeing giraffe, zebra and more in yout back yard. How can you beat that!
        So many interesting activities go on at AKL and Kidani. So many learning opportunities.

        Bay Lake Tower

        Location! Location! Location!
        I love the feeling that you are in the middle of the Magic.
        Being able to walk to Magic Kingdom is fabulous!!! It's especially great after Wishes to just have a short walk back home instead of having to fight the crowds!
        Being on the Monorail loop in wonderful. You are just a nice ride away from Epcot.
        On the resort Monorail loop you feel like you are staying at the Poly and Grand Floridian also. You can enjoy those resorts just as much with their nice outdoor areas and lobbies ( BLT's lobby not so much ).
        Love to dine at Captian Cook's. (Their Grilled Cheese sandwich - yum.)
        The Contemporary's Contempo Cafe has a great menu and tasty choices.
        Also it's just a short boat ride from Wilerness Lodge. Love that place also.

        Beach Club

        Again location!
        Before becoming a DVC member this is where I always wished I could stay.
        Love the walk to Epcot is fantastic!
        Love the boat ride to the Studios.
        The walk or boat ride to the Broadwalk, Swan and Dolphin is great.
        Here you also feel like you are in the middle of everything.
        Absolutely love just be able to walk over to Illuminations at 8:45pm and then just walk back when it's over. No working your way through the crowds or waits for transportation.

        Wilderness Lodge

        I just love the atmosphere here just like at Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House)
        The lobby is amazing.
        Short boat or bus ride to Magic Kingdom.
        Nice restaurants.

        My favorite Moderate Resort is Port Orleans French Quarter.

        Small Resort so you are close to everything. I love being close to the main building and buses.
        Short walk, bus or boat ride to PO Riverside.
        Boat ride to Downtown Disney.

        My favorite Value is Pop Century

        Great resort for the money
        Great Food Court
        Just a walk form Art of Animation
        Buses go directly to the parks your POP. They don't share with any other resort.
        The standard room area where I like to stay is close to the main building and buses.


        My favorite Resort to visit is the Polynesian

        Just love this Resort.
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        Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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          Wilderness Lodge
          in the winter. Especially around the holidays.
          Beach Club
          Any other time.


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            Kidani and Jambo, of course

            I like the Poly, as well

            your place for Disney's Animal Kingdom


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              It used to be the Grand Flo as the CMs there are amazing but after a recent stay at Coronado Springs it is so hard to beat their lovely grounds.
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                Carribean Beach...heading back "home" in February! Love the feel and the "laid-bacK" atmosphere! Haven't seen the new pool, so we are excited! Always good bus service there!
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                  Deluxe - Beach Club. I love everything about this resort. Love being able to walk over to Epcot. Love the grounds, the view...did I say everything? Because I do.

                  Moderate - POFQ - Such beautiful grounds. Reminds me of a pretty home

                  Value - Pop Century - Love love love me some Pop.

                  As for visiting - I love to visit the Poly. The lobby is beautiful.
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                    My favorite deluxe is Wilderness Lodge and Moderate is POR...I've never stayed in a Value but I hope to stay at Art if Animation in the very near future...


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                      I'd have to say Fort Wilderness for nostalgia factor. We camped there when I was a kid.
                      For hotels, we really liked Caribbean Beach. Little person wants to go back; Mommy and Daddy want to try another hotel for variety; grandpa's paying fir Orange Lake off-site, so we'll be there in 4 days!!
                      Mick, the new pool at CB is great! Good slides and excellent kid's play pool.
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                        My favourite resort to stay in

                        Deluxe - Bay Lake Tower or Contempory Resorts because of the lovely views around that you can see and the location is really good.

                        Moderate - Coronado Springs

                        best to vist Art of Animation and the Wilderness Lodge resort.
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                          I loved the stay we had at the Contemporary - it just feels like classic Disney to me. Agreed with the walk to MK and monorail service being such fabulous amenities.

                          I have a soft spot in my heart for the Dolphin too - We are Starwood members and have stayed there many times. Grounds are great - location fabulous. The parking fees and lack of DME have pushed us away from staying there lately.

                          I love to visit the Poly, Contemporary, and GF. They are 1A, 1B, and 1C for me. I have a hard time calling any of them "third" on my list. Too low for a great resort.

                          I have stayed at all of the moderates, and I think that Riverside is my favorite, but I didn't stay long enough at FQ to really appreciate it. For Values - I haven't stayed at any of them but I am excited to visit AoA in February.
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                            Favorite resort to stay at is either Coronado Springs or Contemporary.

                            Coronado because I love to walk around the lake any time of day.
                            Contemporary because I enjoy watching all the people coming and going from the balcony.
                            Grand Floridian- A magical experience to stay there.

                            Favorite resort to visit is Art of Animation or Wilderness Lodge.

                            Art of Animation due to enjoying going round all the different themed areas.
                            Wilderness Lodge- Enjoy sitting on the sofas by the fire relaxing and taking in the atmosphere.

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                              I love to stay at Bay Lake Tower and Kidani Village. It's funny because they are such different resorts!

                              I think that getting to see the Castle/Monorail from BLT every day is just fantastic. We love the pool there, as well as the Contempo Cafe. Shopping there is also a lot of fun.

                              Kidani is just sooo peaceful! We loved getting up in the morning and going downstairs to check out the savannah. The bus service was great, so being somewhat 'separated' from the Parks wasn't a big deal at all. The inspirational sayings all around and the artwork were fun to look at.

                              I love to visit the Grand Floridian. Bob and I honeymooned there (23 years ago on Monday!) We can't really afford to stay there now, but I love walking around that resort and enjoying the atmosphere. I know some people find it 'stuffy' there, but I think it reminds me of Main St. USA. It's just a perfect picture of a time long ago.