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DL vs. WDW

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    The Blue Bayou still has the Monte Cristo, it's just only available on the lunch menu (sorry late getting to that! LOL).

    Marci, you're going to love Disneyland! I would have to echo most everyone on the must rides: Indiana Jones, POTC, Roger Rabbit Car-Toon Spin (think tea cups meets dark rides), let's not forget that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is still at DL as well, the Matterhorn (just be prepared to be jerked around, not really a smooth coaster) and of course Space Mountain. Alice in Wonderland is fun as well and just so you know (because I got so upset at WDW when Winnie the Pooh wasn't in the "correct" spot) Winnie the Pooh is in Critter Country, by Splash Mountain, not in Fantasyland. Oh, if you go to to Toon Town, and go through Minnie's house, outside there's a well, it talks to you so don't jump when you hear a voice! LOL

    As for how many days I usually do DL in, the longest I've done is 5 days, the shortest was only 1 day and I've only done that 2 separate times, once to Disneyland for the 4th of July and once to California Adventures as part of our going away weekend before my last deployment (we spent the other day of the weekend at 6 Flags Magic Mountain). If I had to put an exact number of days that you could do both DL and CA in, I would say 3, one for CA and 2 for DL.
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      We were at DL in the early 90's, but we certainly enjoyed it. It felt like an antique to me at that time compared to WDW. We are planning another trip out there in a couple of years. I am sure it will be quite different now.


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        Trip Set!

        Well, like Marci, we will be heading to DLR in the fall, specifically from 10/14-10/18. Long-ish weekend sort of thing. I have finalized our plans and we are really looking forward to it! I've been there but my family hasn't so it'll be cool for them seeing it for the first time!

        Oh, for anyone on the east coast close to either Boston (Logan), NY (JFK) or DC (Dulles), you can fly nonstop to LAX for $239 round trip on Virgin America which is dirt cheap. And Virgin America offers WiFi on the plane, plus you can order movies, watch satellite tv shows and play mp3s right from the lcd screen in front of you. Makes the longer flight go by a lot faster!
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          Originally posted by Rick View Post
          Oh, for anyone on the east coast close to either Boston (Logan), NY (JFK) or DC (Dulles), you can fly nonstop to LAX for $239 round trip on Virgin America which is dirt cheap. And Virgin America offers WiFi on the plane, plus you can order movies, watch satellite tv shows and play mp3s right from the lcd screen in front of you. Makes the longer flight go by a lot faster!
          Now all of that fun, electronic stuff would almost make me get on a plane.. Almost..
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            Out in left field

            Am I out in left field or what? I completely missed this thread until today. I still haven't got the hang of message boards and how to do and find things quicker.
            Anyway, I was very excited to read all of this and thanks to everyone for all the info. Our oldest son is heading out to Marine boot camp July which will have him graduating sometime in October or early November. My wonderful wife suggested we do some fun things when we go out there to See his graduation. Of course I suggested going to DL. As it looks right now we are going to go to DL.
            I can't wait. I have been to DW many times but never to DL. All the info is just what I needed. Thanks so much. Any other info you all have especially flight info and hotel info would be much appreciated. Honestly it is kind of overwhelming to think of all we need to plan to get 7 of us out there and booking the flight and hotels and all.
            We don't know how long we will have for DL at least one day. I am pushing for more. Thanks again for all the information I really appreciate it. Keep it coming.


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              Jack Spence on is writing a series about traveling to DL that may be helpful to those traveling there. I'll post links here as the series develops

              Here's part 1:

              Here's Part 2:
              Part 3: History of DCA
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                Hi! We just got back. We spent 4 days there...2 days in each park. that felt about right to me. We plan on taking the kids in 2014 and will probably allot the same amount of time to DL/DCA but tack on a visit to the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park.

                We stayed in the Desert Palms and really liked it...Its about a 10 min walk from the gates. You can get a shuttle but honestly we beat the shuttle back at least twice due to the time it takes to load. Desert Palms was the first and last stop on the way to Disney and the first stop on the way back so that was good. We had one of the suites and enjoyed having the living space for breaks.

                We loved the Storyteller Cafe for a meal break outside of the parks, and enjoyed Carthay Circle (probably very pricey for 7 though), and Blue Bayou for sit down meals. Our favorite counter services were Bengal BBQ in DL and Paradise Garden Grill in DCA. Coincidentally both Skewers but the Paradise Garden Grill especially was awesome!
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                  We just got back from a trip to California which included 1 day at each Disneyland park. We were there during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day so of course, it was very crowded. I was fine with only 1 day at DCA (although would have liked to spend more time in Cars Land) but I would have definitely liked more time at Disneyland. I really liked the feel of the park and enjoyed the rides that are not at the World. We all thought thought Space Mountain was much smoother at DL! I need more time to explore the whole place but I definitely give it a "thumbs up!"

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                  DL December '12 (1 day each park)


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                    I have visited both parks and I definitely prefer WDW.

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