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Question of the Week - At Epcot which country has the best......

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  • Question of the Week - At Epcot which country has the best......

    At Epcot, in your opinion, which country in World Showcase has the........

    Best food?
    Best entertainment?
    Best atmosphere?
    Best-anything else?
    Best overall?

    Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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    Best food? Canada- Le Cellier cheese soup, pretzel bread

    Best entertainment? American Adventure- Fife & Drum, Voices of Liberty

    Best atmosphere? Hard to beat the atmosphere indoors in Mexico.

    Best-anything else? The movie in France is a hidden gem, IMO. Beautiful musical score.

    Best overall? Morrocco. If you go around back by Restaurant Marrakesh, you'd think you were really in Morrocco!

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      I just went to Epcot a few weeks ago! This will be fun! And this is all just opinions from my one day at Epcot this trip. Not counting previous trips (too long ago for me to even remember)...haha.

      At Epcot, in your opinion, which country in World Showcase has the........

      Best food? I LOVED the food at Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. The price was reasonable. Food was very flavorful. Fun atmosphere. The workers were having a lot of fun. Very nice. I'm glad I tried it.

      Best entertainment? There was a performer in Italy that I really enjoyed watching. He was very interactive. Very funny. But I also loved the President's Day singers in the American pavilion.

      Best atmosphere?
      They all have great atmospheres!

      Best-anything else? I tried the Kringla Bakery in the Norway Pavilion. I got the School Bread, which is a DELICIOUS vanilla custard filled pastry sprinkled with coconut. And I am now obsessed. It was SO good. Cheap too. About $2.59. It was the best pre-Illuminations snack. (TEAM SCHOOL BREAD!)

      Best overall?
      Definitely the best overall would be Illuminations. I had a great spot in between Norway and China. By the way, this was my FIRST time watching it. AMAZINGGGGG. I had goosebumps the entire time. And I definitely cried afterwards. So, so good. Definitely a must see if you are in Epcot! Loved seeing all of the countries sparkle together.


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        Best food? Hmm, toss up between Japan (love the quick service and table service here) and France (bakery!!).

        Best entertainment? Japan! Love the Taiko drummers so much!

        Best atmosphere? Love them all but I'm going with Japan. So pretty and lots of out of the way areas to explore.

        Best-anything else? Best store - Japan! I can spend alot of time in there.

        Best overall? Hmm, gotta be Japan for me I suppose.


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          Kim - Great answer! Love the pictures to go along with it.


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            Best food? I'm gonna go Morocco, I like the restaraunt and the CS

            Best entertainment? Mexico and the Mariachi band

            Best atmosphere? Tough, gonna go Norway just over Morocco

            Best anything else? Sake bar at Japan, Bakery at Norway

            Best overall? Norway

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              I realized I never commented on this thread.

              Best food? Italy-I really enjoy Via Napoli, Tutto Gusto and Tutto Italia. I wish they had a counter service in Italy.
              Best entertainment? France-the acrobats with the chairs are really fun to watch
              Best atmosphere? Morocco-when you walk through this country you really feel immersed
              Best-anything else? Store Japan
              Best overall? France-the combination of food options, shopping, and atmosphere is wonderful