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Question of the Week - What is your opinion of Enchanted Tales with Belle?

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  • Question of the Week - What is your opinion of Enchanted Tales with Belle?

    Question of the Week - What is your opinion of Enchanted Tales with Belle?

    Just give your quick opinion or.....
    your opinion on any of these suggestions.

    As an attraction?
    The ride?
    The technology?
    The queue?
    Should it be improved?
    and anything else you think of......

    Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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    We enjoy Enchanted Tales with Belle. It is a departure from the normal attractions as far as rides and shows. The audience participation really makes this a lot of fun, especially when you have someone from your party involved. I love the story and the theming, and the whole thing with Maurice's workshop and the mirror is amazing to watch every time- still trying to figure out how they do it . . .
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      I really enjoy this attraction. I think it's a good one to do each trip, but only once as there's really no variation - unless you want to be cast as different roles! I think the technology is awesome - I was, and still am, in awe of both the Wardrobe & Lumiere and how lifelike they seem! We've actually only used FastPass or FP+ to experience this so I can't speak to the queue too much. The only weird thing I can think of is getting every single picture from your show on your Memory Maker- I don't love the idea of strangers having my kids' pictures. Hopefully someday, they can rectify that! I think it's a must-do at least once. I know I get a little sad when I know people who pass over it because it's not a "ride" or they only have boys.


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        Ginger and I finally saw it in May. Our kids hadn't been interested feeling they are a little big for it. We really enjoyed it. We thought the queue was really good and the technology was really good. We might have the kids interested in trying in August.


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          It's a cute show. The special effects are magnificent! Rhonda & I have been, but excited to take our 8 yo granddaughter in November. She'll love it!

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