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Changes in Member Perks and buying resale

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  • Zemmy
    started a topic Changes in Member Perks and buying resale

    Changes in Member Perks and buying resale

    I have often considered adding 50-100 points, but had always considered buying them on the resale market. With the change in benefits to those who do buy resale the question comes to mind: Will this affect me since I bought my original points from Disney? Does anyone know?

    Since I am on the subject, how does having points at different resorts affect booking?

    For example, I have 150 at Saratoga Springs, if I bought 50 at Boardwalk what are my booking windows like?

    Can I book at Boardwalk at 11 months even if the majority of the points are from my Saratoga ownership?


  • monorailbob
    Since you bought originally from Disney, you won't lose the perks as long as they are offered to members (the perks are never guaranteed to be offered). If you ever sold that contract and only owned a resale contract, then you would lose access to the perks.

    You can only book the points for where you own at 11 months. I have multiple contracts at multiple resorts. It can get a little complicated. At 11 months if you want to book at Boardwalk, then you can only use the 50 points although you could use banked points if you had them and also possible borrow the next use year. When we stayed at AKL last year for 9 nights, I only had enough AKL points for 7 nights. I booked the 7 nights and when we got to the 7 months window I was able to add 2 more nights.

    At BLT in 2014, I used banked, current and borrowed points so that I could book 7 nights at 11 months out. I was lucky I was able to add the 2 more nights I wanted at 7 months as I was booking standard view which is extremely difficult at BLT.

    Boardwalk is really tough to book at 7 months for standard view and during Food & Wine. Other times of year it can vary. The majority of points I own are at Saratoga also.

    I hope this helps and let me know if you have other questions.


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