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    Welcome Agent R to the BOGP family and the forums!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about DVC. I'm DVC also and just love it, especially with the raising prices for resort rooms. I love the DVC resorts and it's great a have a kitchen.

    When is your next Disney trip?

    Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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      Originally posted by Agent R View Post
      We really enjoy DVC and love sharing our experience about it with non-DVCer's. We know it's not for everyone, but it works for us!

      1. Where is your home resort? SSR (purchased through Disney) and BCV(resale)
      2. How long have you been a DVC member? 2011
      3. How many points do you have? 160 and 200
      4. How do you and/or your family use DVC? (how many trips do you take a year? what accomodations do you use (studio/1/2 bedroom etc). We now have the points to go twice a year or save up and take a huge vacation. We normally do 1 bedroom villas as it feels more like home and less like a hotel room than a studio.
      5. What about DVC surprised you? (in a good way or bad). How quickly we "broke even" on our first contract. It was even faster than what I expected. Also how nice the Treehouse Villas at SSR are.
      6. What is the best thing about being a DVC member? "Welcome Home" is great, but I'd have to say that knowing that we have Disney plans for the next few years is great. It will change the way we tour the parks from trying to get it all done in one trip commando trips to more in-depth, relaxing trips. See the less popular attractions and actually have non-theme park days! (GASP)
      7. Which resorts have you stayed at and which is your favorite? We've stayed at Kidani Animal Kingdom Lodge, Treehouse Villas, Boardwalk Villas, and Old Key West. Kidani was the most immersively themed while Boardwalk had the best location and was very nice.
      8. Looking back, would you have picked a different home resort than the one you have now? I'm glad that we bought our first contract through Disney even though it was more expensive. I feel it's nice to have access to everything that comes with a Disney ownership, even if I'll never use them. So this limited our choices somewhat. However, location of resort was the #2 reason why we went to the resale market for our second contract. I'm hoping that the work at Disney Springs will increase the "value" of our original SSR contract.
      9. How has being a DVC member changed the way you vacation? It has made Disney our go vacation destination. Before our DVC purchase, we were figuring it would be several years before returning to Disney as we would want to vacation cheaper for a few years before returning. DVC helped balance the long term cost side and provide a vacation destination that has a plethora of things to do and never really has a season where things are closed. No matter what time of year you go to Orlando, there is plenty to do.
      10. Anything else you would like to say about DVC? I recently did a podcast with Mike and when he asked me about DVC, I kinda froze. DVC is a great way to vacation the Disney way but not just at WDW. We know that there are non-WDW resorts available to add a little variety to our vacation time. But the best thing about DVC is that we've been able to share WDW with friends and family in a way that we would have never done before. I've been able to make magical memories with my extended family and give the WDW experience to friends and their children that they will always remember. There really is no way to put a price on that.
      Welcome to BOGP!