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Is it worth it?

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  • Is it worth it?

    My girlfriend and I are looking into getting a time share when we get married and, as a big Disney fan, I am considering this. My question is, is it worth the price? We want something that we can use to travel all over the world as well as visit every Disney theme park. Would we be able to do that with this? Thanks in advance!

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    Hey there, welcome to the boards.

    I'm sure DVC isn't right for some people, but we are DVC members and love it. You are bound to get lots of advice & opinions on here but I think the things to consider when looking into DVC and how points to buy are:

    How often you were intending to go to WDW or visit a Disney property /cruise / adventures by Disney trip.

    What type of accommodation you normal stay in or would want to stay in?

    The reason for these 2 questions is, that you can most certainly use you DVC membershipmto travel all around the world with Adventures by Disney who do organised trips every were and any were around the world & you can just use the DVC points to book 100's of Disney approved hotels around the world, as well as being able to book and enjoy wonder cruises to lots of destinations on the Disney Cruise Liners. With DVC you can stay at any of the Disney parks hotels as well, but you always get the most for your points staying at WDW.
    The reason for the second question is if you are a value resort type of guy and just love POP or All Stars and think it's just a room/ resort and just use use it as some were to sleep, then maybe DVC is going to work out more money then getting great deals to stay there. I say this as the rooms & resorts are such high standard, think delux +. So if you really have to think when working out if it's right for you the cost of staying at some of the deluxe resorts v buying DVC.

    All that said we were POP / All Star people and bought DVC as the facilities / quality & room that DVC offered for the next 48 years worked out, even coming form the UK to be great value.


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      My family thinks it's worth it. In fact my husband, who is not a "Disney fan" actually wants us to get more points soon. There are a ton of options, and you can indeed travel the world.
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        Welcome to the boards! These are the main points that I have found -

        1. Using your points to stay in DVC resorts is fantastic value, but you can certainly find better deals elsewhere when it comes to non-DVC resorts, Disney parks in Europe and Asia, and third-party hotels. Disney Cruise Line seems to work out exactly equal, once you consider on-ship credits that travel agents like The Magic For Less offer.

        2. Nicky's right about the price difference between Pop and DVC resorts, but it's *not as much as you think*. I did a quick calculation (see disclaimer below!) and a week in a studio at Animal Kingdom Villas will cost 26% more than a week in a standard room at Pop - $746.46 compared with $594.00.

        Start playing around with perks and DVC-exclusive discounts, and that difference gets smaller. Once you start considering a group that's too large to fit into a value room (say you want to travel with another couple, or your future children become teenagers), and it will disappear. That's before even considering the quality differences in the resorts.

        3. This is a big one for me - it's a guarantee that you will go back again and again.

        *Disclaimer* Based upon 100 points purchase at AKV, quietest time of the year, today's prices, disregarding interest and inflation; and, if you go every year for 50 years.

        What I really want from my future vacations is the following, and owning 200 points with DVC fits that perfectly:

        - Two weeks at WDW at least every two years.
        - The possibility to bring friends and family, or just us, or anything inbetween.
        - Variety - we've stayed at Saratoga Springs, Vero Beach and Grand Californian Villas.
        - The possibility of an awesome vacation even if finances are tighter that year.

        We also want to travel the world, but this is something that we plan to get *outside* of DVC. For skiing, island resorts and destinations in Asia, it's usually cheaper to book a package than it is to pay for the extras separately, even if the accommodation is already free. For city breaks, there are great deals to be found online, which are usually cheaper than the DVC rate you are getting.

        What I'm thinking about

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          I built a huge spreadsheet back when we were considering DVC. We decided against it....we are moderate resort people. I felt that the value was good - if you pay for it completely and financing. However the fees you pay every year never go away unless you sell the points so for me I decided against because if anything were to ever happen and I needed that extra money...I wanted to be able to have it - it is one less monthly obligation.

          I also found that if I put the money in savings that I would pay in the yearly fees I could afford a vacation there and if I purcahse an Annual Pass - I get room discounts there sometimes...all in all it just wasn't for us.

          It really depends on your individual situation.
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            Thanks for all your help everyone!

            I am a big Disney fan, especially of the parks (One of the items on my bucket list is to visit every Disney park in the world!), but my girlfriend isn't as big a fan. We would probably be going to the parks every year, with the occasional exotic trip every few years, so it sounds like this may work out great for us! I have to crunch some numbers first though.

            Also, what are some of the perks of the club?


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              Its worth it for the Disney stuff. Not sure how cost effective it is for other places

              although pretty soon hawaii will be in the cards

              your place for Disney's Animal Kingdom


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                I think the big questions to answer once you've established frequency is what type of accommodations/trips do you want?

                If you are fine with Value, or even prefer it as some people do, then DVC is not a good deal.

                If you are fine with Moderate, DVC is a break even proposition over 50 years.

                If you prefer Deluxe, or plan on having more than two kids, than DVC is a very worthwhile program.

                Remember this though, DVC is NOT a true timeshare-- it is a vacation club. Why the nuance? DVC will expire at some point while most regular timeshares you own for eternity.

                While the maintenance fees tend to get some folks down, they grow at a smaller rate than rack room costs. In fact, there have been years where fees were not increased. In a world where room discounts, free dining, etc disappear (the norm by the way) that gap in cost growth makes a huge difference!

                Financing is also a drag. We wish we could have paid cash up front, but we couldn't. So I send about $320 each month to Disney between my loan payment and fees. But to give you an idea of savings-- this year I will book nearly $5000 worth of accommodations. We also save another $425/year for our family between AP cost (DVC plays FL resident rate) and Tables in Wonderland.

                The big perk is the AP rate discount. You get some small dining and shopping discounts, but nothing to get excited. DVC rooms also include internet, rack rooms you must pay a nightly fee. And you get some recreation discounts for boats, fishing, golf, etc.

                We bought DVC and love it. We still do the occasional Value or Moderate stays when doing a last minute trip or to book end DVC. We're very happy with the choice, but it is a lot of money out of pocket each year!
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                  Hi Guys - new here (well, not new but don't post often)....thanks for the great info and advice.

                  I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to buy into DVC but the numbers just don't work (for us). There's definitely a benefit but a lot of it is emotional and that's even what our guide said more than once. I was in WDW last week and talking (again) to the DVC people and the guide said...."You are spending it anyway!" which is true....but will I want to spend it in 10 years...probably .... will I have the money then....who knows (hopefully)?

                  But it would feel sooo good to be part of the club and part of the magic for then next almost 50 years. I am so very tempted....hmmmm.....It's really true that it does keep you going back, making it a priority, which again, is part of the appeal.



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                    You got some advice here and the only thing I would add is that you may want to look into using this for only DVC vacations and buy resale for less than half the price. You can use the money you are saving to travel the world every few years.

                    Do the math and see what works for you.