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What is your favorite DVC Resort/Resorts?

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    Favorite: Kidani Village. Love just chilling out on the balcony looking over the giraffes and other wildlife on the savannah. Awesome pools, and my favorite WDW restaurant (Jiko) is next door at Jambo House.

    Least Favorite: Beach Club Villas. Room was in serious state of disrepair (cabinet door fell off; hair dryer exploded); transportation to MK, DTD, and DAK was very poor; and while Stormalong Bay is pretty cool, didn't think it lived up to the hype
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      Originally posted by oakmanner View Post
      Least favorite Beach Club. Granted location can't be beat when visiting Epcot however the building is way in the rear of the facility and the quick service area is a joke!
      Good point about the quick service. Forgot about that in my little mini-rant about BCV
      My home is Kidani Village. My house is just a place I crash after work


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        So even though we are not DVC owners (yet), we have stayed at BCV (twice), VWL (3 times), SSR (twice), and we we will be staying at OKW (5 nights) and Jambo (2 nights) in February.

        Based on what we have experienced, I have enjoyed Wilderness Lodge the most. I love the grounds there, the running options are excellent, the boat ride to the Contemporary or to MK is awesome, and I love hanging out in the lobby of the wilderness lodge.

        We did like BCV (agree with Bill - Stormalong Bay is a great pool but overhyped as a mini-waterpark). Location is great, but the actual restaurants right at the Beach Club aren't that great - quick service is all but non-existent(although the cannoli are great!). However, touring the boardwalk area, seeing all the resorts in that area and experiencing their restaurants, and the little bit of nightlife over there is a big plus. The walk to EPCOT and short boat ride to DHS are a huge plus too.

        SSR was great for its access to downtown, but other than that it was my least favorite. Nothing really too great or too bad to report, but it just wasn't my favorite.

        I am really looking forward to both Jambo and OKW. i think we are going to love both. Without ever experiencing it, I think BLT would be my favorite for proximity to MK and monorail access.
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          For those that care OKW has bigger rooms

          But I just love Kidani. It has the savanna view but even if you can't get that the food atmosphere are great. I love all the actual African artifacts. Its like staying in a zoo and museum

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            Bumping this thread back up.
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              Originally posted by monorailbob View Post
              I'm not sure. I loved Kidani. It was an experience that you can't get anywhere else. I love the proximity of BLT to the MK. I love seeing the animals at Kidani, the culture and the laid back feel. We only had enough points at 11 months to book the 1st 2 nights, but we just did minutes ago at Kidani for next August. We'll see what's available in January when we can book the rest. I've loved every DVC resort.

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              Originally posted by monorailbob View Post
              I've only stayed at 3 DVC's so far (SSR, BLT & OKW). My favorite at this point is BLT. You can't beat the location. It's a quick walk to the Magic Kingdom, monorail access to EPCOT, quick boat rides to Ft. Wilderness & Wilderness Lodge and the monorail to the Poly and Grand Floridian. Our favorite dining is in this area. The views from BLT both out to the Magic Kingdom and Bay Lake are spectacular. There is a quick walkway over to the Contemporary for the shops and dining. The pool area, although not huge, is lovely. Top of the World lounge is awesome to watch Wishes. Having 3 bathrooms in a 2 bedroom is a big plus and something that only BLT and Kidani have.

              SSR will have a special place in my heart since it was our first DVC stay. It is nice being able to walk to Downtown Disney. The resort theming isn't the best, but they a lot of nice pools and it's helpful that 3 of them have pool bars which mean refillable mug stations & some limited food options.

              All of this could change when we stay at Kidani in 44 days. I've heard so many great things about the resort and the rooms.
              We originally thought we were staying at Kidani again in 2013, but BWV Standard View was available for 9 nights so we went with it. The points are real cheap if you can get standard view at BWV which was great. We loved the proximity to EPCOT. Our first day we had a 6 AM flight and were eating at Chefs de France at noon with about an hour roaming in EPCOT after spending some time looking around the resort. We definitely enjoyed being able to walk to EPCOT (and DHS). We didn't think the pool was big enough here for the size of the resort and they should have had a mug refill station at the pool.

              BLT is still our favorite, with Kidani in 2nd. We are going back to BLT in August and BWV in November. Our plan for August 2015 is back to Kidani and we still want to stay at the other DVC resorts we haven't yet.


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                We got to experience Kidani Savannah view this year as well as the Villa's at the Grand Floridian Lake View and the Polynesian Villa's studios standard view. I'm really torn what my favorite DVC resort. I know Kidani, BLT and VGF are my top 3, but I'm not sure of the order. Kidani just is so relaxing and peaceful and has experiences you can't get anywhere else. We did find ourselves relaxing on the balcony some nights just watching for animals to roam by. The Grand Floridian has a special place in my heart since we honeymooned there. It was an amazing stay. The grounds are lovely to walk around and it just felt so relaxing. It's always fun going to the lobby and listening to the piano or orchestra. Our view was lovely of Bay Lake and getting to see some of the fireworks. It was nice to be able to walk to the Poly & to the TTC. We still love BLT for walking to MK and seeing Wishes from TOTWL.

                It's so hard at this point to pick a favorite, but I'm so glad to have experienced so many.


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                  I'm looking forward to the time that I can answer this from a position of more experience. For now, we've actually stayed in only BCV (2bdrm) and BWV (Grand Villa). I preferred the overall experience at Beach Club to the Boardwalk. But after June, we'll have stays at Old Key West (2bdrm) and Villas at the Grand Floridan (2bdrm) ... which is our new home resort... under our belt, too. From the tour of the model, I can't imagine a nicer 2bdrm than we'll see at the VGF, but I'm also excited about the room at OKW. All in all, it seems like my favorite will always be wherever I'm planning my next trip.
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