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  • How many days at Universal


    Planning a trip for the fall of 2014 (long way away, I know). We are thinking of going to Universal for a day or two to see Harry and whatever else the parks have for us to see.

    How many days does everyone suggest? I hate to take time away from Disney at all but we have never been to Universal and Harry is just calling my name....

    Any suggestions?

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    I would recommend two days-one in each park- so you can take in the theming of Potter and the rest of the parks as well.

    If you buy the Express pass, you can-depending on the park hours which will probably be shorter in the fall-see the jist of both parks in one day. The Express pass is like a fastpass in which you can tour in any order and it works surprisingly well. Also, only the new Potter attraction (which does offer a single rider line) and the Rip Ride Rockit coaster at the Studios do not utilize the Express pass. The major downside to this is you will probably be rushing.


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      I would recommend 2 days- but only if you use Universal Express. We use the VIP pass, which includes admission to the parks plus unlimited Express access. They are good for any 1/2/3/4 days in 14, you have to go on the first day you book the passes for, but the others are your choice, regardless of how busy it is. Regular Express is good too. If you don't buy Express, you should probably allocate 3 days in order to properly see everything, 2 days isn't enough without Express unless you're there all day. Here's a link to the VIP passes: Express does not stop the need to arrive early- Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit do not participate in Universal Express- and they're the two most popular rides at the resort. Both, however, offer a singles line.

      Hope this helps, and enjoy your trip!
      George Hart


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          My suggestion would be two days. One for each park. You want to take you time and enjoy both parks. Neither park is that big so you can take your time. Some people don't like Universal but I do. Love movies, guess that's why DHS is my favorite. I usually do not pay extra for the express passes.
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            We did both parks in one day and felt like we got to see everything we wanted, even saw Blue Man Group. It just depends how much you want to see/do.


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              I have a Unique entertainment experience there. The millions of people around the world visited there every year.I have spend one week at the universal but still i personally feel that something is missing there.I required more than one month for this purpose.