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How to Post Pictures on the BOGP Forums

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  • How to Post Pictures on the BOGP Forums

    Who can help others post their pictures in different ways?

    I only know how to from Shutterfly.

    Here's how I post pictures from Shutterfly:

    Click on picture to enlarge picture (only once).
    Right click on address
    Right click on properties
    Right click on select all
    Right click copy
    Go to where you want picture posted
    Click on little yellow square (looks like a postcard) 5th from the left
    Delete http that comes up in that box
    Click on paste and click OK
    It will paste where you want it.

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    Well here's how I did mine anyway.
    1) Save pictures on desktop
    2) Log into BOGP forums and go to your profile page
    3) Click on "show all albums" on the right side
    4)Click on "add album"
    5)You can now group photos. Select a title for your grouping (i.e. 2010 WDW trip photos) and either public (can be seen by anyone on the site) or private (only by registered users). Click submit
    6)Click "click here to upload pictures".
    7) You can now upload up to 3 pictures saved on your desktop at a time to the site. Repeat this process 3 by 3 until you have all the pictures you want uploaded.
    8) Go to the thread on which you want to show your photos in a separate window-you'll want to have the BOGP album page open simeultaneously
    9)Click on the picture you want to post-it will expand and a "picture URL" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Copy this "picture url" and paste it in the thread.
    10) Once you paste this url, your photo will appear in the thread as a hyperlink
    THis is how I've been doing it the last few days-I'm sure others do it differently.
    Hope this helps


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      For Photobucket (or any other image storing website for that matter), the process is pretty much the same as Jackie laid out.

      You upload the pics to their site, then copy and paste the image address into your message.

      With, when you open a gallery, it gives you multiple options (or html formats). If you left click on one of these options, it automatically copies the code to your clipboard. One less step. I use the [IMG] code, as that is the default format for inserting an image to this message board system (and pretty much standard everywhere).

      Rather than clicking the little postcard icon (the one with the mountains) in the message options, you can just paste it directly to your message by either right-click > paste, Edit > paste, or my favorite, <ctrl><v>.

      Another feature unique to Photobucket (that I'm aware of) is the Disney edits. They have a whole line of Disney approved stamps and tools you can use to "spice up" your image.

      One last tip, if you're using a high resolution camera (and who isn't these days), you may want to resize your images before uploading (or definitely before linking). Otherwise, you may have to scroll or zoom out to see the entire image. I do it as a simple courtesy.

      Hope that helps. I'm sure someone else can expand on this a whole lot better than I can.


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        Thanks so much Andrew and Brian and anyone else who can offer suggestions.

        We've had many people asking how to post pictures so this thread should be a big help for everyone.
        Have a magical day!!! Jackie

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          Posting from Flickr is also extremely easy:

          1. Go to the Flickr page that shows just the photo you want do post
          2. Click on the Share button near the top of the page
          3. Click Grab the HTML/BBCode
          4. Select BBCode at the bottom of the window
          5. Select the desired size (one of the Medium sizes is usually best)
          6. Copy the code in the Copy and paste the code below box and paste it into your BOGP forum post.
          Share and Enjoy!


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            Is there a way to post pics from our iPhones?
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              Originally posted by NJ2WDW View Post
              Is there a way to post pics from our iPhones?
              Not sure- But I would guess the pics on your iphone are on your phone only. In order to post the pics they need to be on a server due to the size of the image files. Maybe you can upload to icloud easily from the iphone, and then link over the pic . . .
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